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Saturday, March 29, 2003  

Slate notices that the army's apparant unreadiness to fight an extended guerrila-style fight stems from somewhat ignoring the results of the Millenium Challenge wargame, as opposed to this very blog, which expressed its concern about those very results some time ago.

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Friday, March 28, 2003  

Jewish Jeans:

The Jewish Jeans Designer Clothing Company is dedicated to the pursuit of peace and freedom for all people. Jewish Jeans Designer Clothing allows you to make a statement of pride in your heritage by offering top quality clothing embroidered with relevant messages. Whether you want to make a statement about your social status or your political views, Jewish Jeans delivers powerful messages in a stylish and fun way. We encourage you to proudly wear your Jewish Jeans clothing knowing that you are helping to make the world a better place.

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Thursday, March 27, 2003  

Senator Moynihan, RIP

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

Was looking through the hit logs, (which have been rather low lately), and noticed that someone had done a search for "eilat medina hilton queen of sheba" and ended up here. The surfer was using Bezeq International's ISP, so it looks like he/she was looking to go on vacation and found us. Cute, no?

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Do you really need to own a copy of Making of a Gadol, by Rabbi Nathan Kaminetsky? You know, the book that was banned for telling episodes from various Torah leader's lives as if they were human beings? Well, it seems that Pomeranz Books has three copies left, which they're auctioning off. Bidding starts at $200 and ends on March 31st. Happy Hunting.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003  

War Speculation Watch: We haven't been at war for a week now, and already Halliburton has been given some of the lucrative rebuilding contracts. This must come as a complete shock to Dick Cheany...
[Isn't he on doctor's orders to avoid shocks? -- SIW]

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Henry Hyde's '89 plea for a Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded to Jimmy Carter for Camp David work posted at Iatribe.

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Monday, March 24, 2003  

Stupidest thing said so far about the war, pro or con: This, without a doubt, goes to Barbara Simpson, WorldNetDaily columnist and host of "The Babe in the Bunker," a radio talk show (guess her political orientation). From her latest column

It was like international tough love. Draw the line in the sand. Give a deadline. Step over the line, miss the deadline – suffer the consequences.
Doubt it? Just ask Saddam Hussein (if he's alive) or what's left of his regime.
Um...right. We're doing this to Saddam Hussein and his regime because we really do care for them. Uh-huh. With friends like us, I guess Iraq really doesn't need enemies.
[In all fairness, the US military and administration have gone far out of their way to advocate and assist in the peaceful surrender and human imprisonment of Saddam's troops. -- SIW]

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Figured you might be interested: Blogger from Baghdad.

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Paris mayor condemns attack on French Jews at anti-war rally

"In the name of Parisians, I want to condemn, as strongly as possible, these unacceptable acts," Delanoe said in a statement. "In Paris, everyone must be respected in dignity, no matter what their culture, identity or spiritual faith."

The fact that this was said at an anti-war rally is a good thing, but no word on what happened to the perpetrators. Meanwhile, it seems that random attacks on Jews is epidemic in Old Europe - a Jew attacked outside a crowded Berlin cafe "received no assistance from onlookers," and a textbook:
endorsed by the Education Ministry and the Russian Orthodox Church for use in public schools, says the Jews forced Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus because "they thought only about power over other peoples and earthly wealth."
was approved for Russian schools. All this, by the way, thanks to JPost.

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Sunday, March 23, 2003  

Two Jewish youths hospitalized after being attacked in Paris.

Two Jewish youths were hospitalized Saturday afternoon after being stabbed in Paris by individuals who had taken part in an anti-war demonstration. The separate incidents took place near the Hashomer Hatzair youth group building in the city, in close proximity to Beaumarchais Boulevar and Bastille Square.
One young man was stabbed and lightly wounded after a group of men noticed his yarmulke. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. The attackers are believed to have been immigrants from North Africa. After stabbing the young man, they tried to break in to the Hashomer Hatzair building, but members of the youth group managed to block the entrance.
Fifteen minutes later, a 24-year-old youth group advisor exited the building to address a television crew that had arrived to interview him. After exiting the building, he was seriously wounded when passers-by attacked him with metal rods and chains.

We haven't been warblogging, nor paying a whole lot of attention to these kinds of incidents. This one is obviously the worst so far that I've heard of.
What the fuck.
BY THE WAY, there is some really good war-blogging going on out there, with the best single destination seeming to be The Command Post.

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Article on Slate examines the flaky approach of a SoCal church, which happens to have made it the second-largest church in the country. How flaky is it?

When Warren turns his utility-minded feel-speak upon the symbolic iconography of the faith, the results are offensively bathetic: "When Jesus stretched his arms wide on the cross, he was saying, 'I love you this much.' "
AND, for those of us who need a vocabulary refresher:
adj : effusively or insincerely emotional; "a bathetic novel"; "maudlin expressons of sympathy"; "mushy effusiveness"; "a schmaltzy song"; "sentimental soap operas"; "slushy poetry" [syn: maudlin, mawkish, mushy, schmaltzy, schmalzy, sentimental, slushy] (from

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